This Sunday! The 7th Annual Veggie Pride Parade NYC 2014!

Veggie Pride Parade NYC Logo

What are you doing this Sunday, March 30th? We’re going to the 7th Annual Veggie Pride Parade NYC! And you should too!!

From the Old Meatpacking District to Union Square Park, the parade will be full of chanting, singing, dancing, cheering and marching in full color and some in full veggie pride costume wear! Be a part of it!

  • Line up begins at 11:00am at the intersection of Ganesvoort St & 9th Ave
  • Parade kicks off at 12:00pm

Following the parade, there will be an open-air rally/expo in Union Square Park!

  • 40 exhibitors
  • 20 speakers
  • Soapbox testimonial station
  • Pay-per-view: Watch a veggie video, get a buck & a free DVD
  • Entertainment, music, & vegan food
  • Costume contest @ 2 p.m.

For more info, check out

I also hear that The Cinnamon Snail will be nearby. So, after you enjoy some yummy food samples in the park, stop by Snaily to get yourself a meal to go or a donut-ty treat!

See you Sunday!!!


Demeter Fragrance Library: How to Celebrate Your Olfactory System

There’s nothing quite like the smell of tomatoes, and patchouli, and … leather and …mildew. Mildew?!?! If you want to win a wager with someone, lay down 100-1 odds that there’s a company that makes fragrances with names like Funeral Home, Glue and Holy Water. Demeter Fragrance Library creates insanely original and downright weirdly scented products that are NOT tested on animals and are cruelty-free. In addition to fragrances, they also produce soaps, lotions, gels and oils. Continue reading “Demeter Fragrance Library: How to Celebrate Your Olfactory System”

Magic Vegan Bacon Grease? GAME ON!


How many times have you heard, “Everything tastes better with bacon?” Well, if you’re like us, you may respond with “Well, Bacon had a Mom.” And it’s true! However, there’s something about the smokey flavor that one connects with bacon that we’re now seeing a number of animal-free products on the market: different kinds of bacon from coconut to seitan to soy.

Now, there’s something completely different! It brings back memories to the meat-eating days not too long ago when Mom, Auntie and/or Grandma would cook with old bacon grease. It would seem to make food taste “better.” No one ever could explain why. So, now as a vegan, how do you replicate the “magic” of that flavor? Well, wouldn’t you know someone has! It’s called “Magic Vegan Bacon Grease” and it’s 100% Animal-Friendly (it even says so on the label)!

We’re going to say it here first: This product is a VEGAN GAME CHANGER!

Having picked up a jar at the March Vegan Shop-Up in Brooklyn, NY, our friend Eric of Vegan Bodega gave me a head’s up that this was the first batch distribution. The folks at MVBG would be “improving the formula.” After getting a tip about mixing up the “grease” before cooking, we couldn’t wait to try it!

MVBG Sunday Dinner - The Food DuoMVBG Sunday Dinner Potatoes - The Food Duo

The original plan was to use it for cauliflower, but we ended up not doing that. Instead, we used it for the potatoes that would accompany Sunday’s dinner of vegan meatloaf and string beans. Right away, the grease smelled like the real deal! We literally said “WHOA!” and knew this was going to be good. Sure enough, it was. The bacon flavor was spot on, not too subtle and not overwhelming. It complemented the crispy onions and didn’t leave an overly oil film or an obnoxious salty flavor. It was literally nice!

If the next batch is going to be an improvement, we hope the tweaks are minor. I think MVBG has a winner here! With it being GMO-free and hydrogenation-free, it makes it even more awesome!

Click here to visit MVBG’s website to be amazed!

Vegan Philly Love! A Food Crawl Adventure

Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love, is seriously becoming the City of Vegan Foodie Love! With the number of spots being vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly popping up and around Philly, our friend Demetrius decided it would be great time for a food crawl around the city (he has done this before!!). So, we along with 2 more friends, Sheri and Jason, trekked down along I-95 for the weekend in our little “Blue Betty Sue” Toyota for what would be a deliciously fun time, which included 10 eateries, a bit of shopping at Wooden Shoe Books and Records and a visit to the Mutter Museum to check out some medical oddities.

Of course, the main point of our trip was EATING! We hit up a total of 10 places between Saturday and Sunday. Whether we shared together or feasted on massive plates, it was all good. Philly knows how to do vegan right! And we’ll actually be there in less than a week for Foobooz After Dark at Vegan Commissary.

Oh, Philadelphia, you have our heart and our stomachs in your hands!

Now, check out our little slideshow of drool-worthy goodness! Enjoy!

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