Oh those goofy kids!

We’re Artichoke (left) and Macaroon (right), The Food Duo. We’re a couple of kids from New York City.  We actually started our blog back in 2008, when we were active omnivores and somewhat active bloggers. We have since evolved into more compassionate and conscious beings who have gone vegan.  It’s crazy how much we can change, right?

So, we like to cook and eat, hence we are The Food Duo. We also like to travel, hang out friends and have play dates with our cats, Mozzer and Connie. We’ll share our fun times, maybe not so fun times and strange interactions we have with folks, especially our families, The Artichokes and The Macaroons (Hatfields and McCoys, we are not!)

We’re not trying to preach or convert to folks. We just want everyone to see that you can have fun with food, be creative and not be limited by living a plant-based, all-species-friendly lifestyle. You’d be surprised what you may find out about yourself and others.

Artie & Mac

p.s. Our parents gave us names like Carlo and Carmella. So, feel free to call us by those names too!


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