Run Baby Run!

I’ve made a decision to start running! I know! I know! I’m one of those folks who gets into a routine and when something veers me off course I drop it. So I’m not making any promises but I want to try it to challenge myself and get focused.

I’ll tell you it’s been a slow process to even start. About a month ago, I bought new running sneakers. They sat in the box before I put them on Monday.

Then, I kept looking a running sites and blogs, asking myself “How am I going to do this without killing myself?” A bit intimidating, but I got some tips on stretching, finding courses and setting goals. From that, I knew I needed to take my time. So, I figured why not start with C25K. I even downloaded the C25K app from ZenLabs to my iPhone! That was about 2 weeks ago.

C25K is a 9-week program to literally take you from “Couch Potato” to becoming at 5K runner. A few friends have done it…and well! They’re active runners years later! Why couldn’t I just be motivated by that?!?! Well, sometimes, it has to be the RIGHT time. But back to C25K, each week, you’re pushed a little more into running vs. walking, but it’s gradual. For instance, in Week 1, you do a walk/run 3 days a week for 3 minutes which includes:

  • 5 minute brisk warm-up walk
  • 20 minutes switching between:
    60 seconds of jogging
    90 minutes of walking
  • 5 minute cool-down walk

Let me tell you how I got started. After a long, full weekend, I got up and started to get ready for work. Artichoke was about to head out the door at 6:45. When he closed the door behind him, something clicked in my head! “I want to go for a ‘run’ now!” So, I threw on my sweats & fleece cap, grabbed my iPhone, keys and water bottle, and went outside. It probably wasn’t smart to do it when there was an early morning rain-snow mix, but I was determined. App launched, Week 1, Day 1 on and I was off with my 5-minute warm-up to the park!

Oddly enough, my first session wasn’t so bad. I didn’t pause. Once or twice I ended the “jog” sections a couple of seconds early, but I kept moving! I felt good! 2 days later, I was back at it, which was a little bit tougher, but good. Crazy thing is later on Wednesday, I had the urge to go for an afternoon walk for about 30-minutes. Then today, I think I rocked Week 1! No stopping. No ending “jog” sessions before the 60 seconds and I was really pleased…a little sore…but happy with myself!

Really getting into this, I even started mapping my runs on (I need to download the app). To see how I far I’ve gone with each run (2.53mi) made me even more excited! Wow, think about it, a 5K is 3.1 miles. I’m already at over 2.5 miles! WOOT WOOT!

Like I said, no promises in sticking to this. I’m just happy to get myself active.


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