10 Questions with Gene Baur [TIME Magazine]

Gene Baur Interview in TIME
Source: TIME Magazine

While some may say Farm Sanctuary Co-Founder Gene Baur doesn’t do enough for Farm Sanctuary, many, like myself, think he’s someone who’s helping put our cause on the map and in the public’s minds as to we as humans choose to eat. Though some things he says may not be in total alignment with animal rights or welfare, you cannot deny that through his organization he’s working to save the lives of so many others, while educating the humans about compassion, love and health. Granted, it may seem like there’s a bit of compromise happening in working with meat/dairy producers. You cannot deny that he’s always bringing a message to end suffering first. I think that’s why Gene’s interview for TIME Magazine’s “10 Questions” segment is great and so important. It’s so worth sharing and spreading. So, please feel free to do the same!

Check out the video interview here: 10 Questions with Gene Baur


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