Vegan Philly Love! A Food Crawl Adventure

Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love, is seriously becoming the City of Vegan Foodie Love! With the number of spots being vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly popping up and around Philly, our friend Demetrius decided it would be great time for a food crawl around the city (he has done this before!!). So, we along with 2 more friends, Sheri and Jason, trekked down along I-95 for the weekend in our little “Blue Betty Sue” Toyota for what would be a deliciously fun time, which included 10 eateries, a bit of shopping at Wooden Shoe Books and Records and a visit to the Mutter Museum to check out some medical oddities.

Of course, the main point of our trip was EATING! We hit up a total of 10 places between Saturday and Sunday. Whether we shared together or feasted on massive plates, it was all good. Philly knows how to do vegan right! And we’ll actually be there in less than a week for Foobooz After Dark at Vegan Commissary.

Oh, Philadelphia, you have our heart and our stomachs in your hands!

Now, check out our little slideshow of drool-worthy goodness! Enjoy!

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2 Replies to “Vegan Philly Love! A Food Crawl Adventure”

  1. Ahhh… I feel ashamed to say that I live just 20 minutes outside of Philly and have only been to 2 of these — Blackbird and HipCityVeg. But, there are a few others that the city has to offer that are definitely worth mentioning: Miss Rachel’s Pantry, Govinda’s, New Harmony and of course, Vedge.

    1. Miss Rachel’s Pantry is a personal fave. Love Vedge as well! Haven’t tried Govinda’s or New Harmony yet, but they’re on our list. Should definitely make a plan to meet up soon!

      – Carmella (aka Macaroon)

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