Friendsgiving for Thanksliving & What ALMOST Made Me Cry

I’ll admit it. I sometimes forget the meaning of Thanksgiving. Sure, we’re taught in school that the Pilgrims and Native Americans came together and had this big meal to say “Thanks.” And some of us know that was utter nonsense. However, the idea behind a “Day of Thanks” is actually wonderful, touching, and certainly should be more than a day. It brings people together to forget their troubles and just appreciate what and who they have in their lives.

This year has been an interesting year. It has been a time to break out of my shell, find what it meant to be human again and just be around people (vegan or not). I’ve met and connected with so many awesome folks that I wanted to do something special and fun for my friends, old and new. I came up with a little text-message game with prizes for the first 3 people to respond to my question. No real challenge, just something simple and lighthearted.


  1. A turkey sponsored in winner’s name from Farm Sanctuary
  2. A t-shirt or Vegan gift card
  3. Vegan donuts
When I announced there would be a game, I was getting texts asking if it was legit or was it something I was doing for work. When I said I was doing it on my own, I got a few “You’re too cute” and “That’s so sweet!” As we got closer to start time, a few questions rolled in about prizes and “Did I win yet?” Then, the clock struck noon.
I didn’t think the responses would flood in so quickly. I was certain that Alini would be the first one, because she loves games…especially when I did this offering popcorn and almond milk a couple of weeks ago. It was a pleasant surprise to see Eric, who was my Strategic Communications professor, sending the first text.
Eric seemed pretty stoked about winning. Right away, he wanted to know what he needed to do. I sent him a link to Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Turkey Program, and said to pick a turkey. I would them make a donation in his name to sponsor the turkey of his choice for Thanksgiving.
Well, another surprise came later on Twtter:

Okay. Fatherhood? That had me intrigued enough to click the link.

What came next was such a quirky yet very touching post on his course blog, The StratCommers, all about the contest, his win and his “Turkey Kid,” Martha who I’d be sponsoring in his name. What almost made me cry was how caring and thoughtful Eric was in writing the post, and in choosing Martha. He even tweaked it later to share with the folks at Farm Sanctuary!

Eric, thanks for playing, writing and being my friend. Now, we need to schedule a play date for Turpentine and Martha! I’ll bring the apples. That’s how we “Turkey Parents” roll!

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