Day 14: First Check-In

Hey guys. I know I’ve been a bit quite. Busy work week. Yesterday, I made it a point to do ABSOLUTELY nothing. Okay, well not really nothing.

So let’s catch up since my last blog post:

  • Woke up every morning at around 5am to work out
  • Voted on Tuesday for NYC mayor – YAY for Bill de Blasio
  • Wednesday was a blur
  • Thursday was “I hate you Ab Intervals” day
  • Friday was my first workout double day. Rough go with Lower Focus, but pulled through Cardio 1.0 like a champ. Then, it was a day of frustration

The first negative event dealt with my crap downstairs neighbor, but I didn’t have time for her childish behavior. Things seem fine and calm until mid-morning. BAM! Tech issues on the worst day to have them.  I just wanted to curl up in a blanket with some wine and a sappy movie. Instead, I made it a point to take an actual lunch break to de-stress. I went outside in the cold, marched down about 10-15 blocks to grab some vegan sushi for lunch, returned, ate and went through the day still frustrated. However, during my walk from Chelsea Market to the office, I realized that I had to be calm yet not take bullshit and then find a resolution. Then by around 4:30, all was right in the world. Well, maybe just at my desk.

My friends were kind enough to order me a slice of vegan pizza before going to the premiere of “The Ghosts in Our Machine” (a review to come soon!) Then, we hit up the after party at MooShoes with catering from Jay Astafa and Dun-Well Doughnuts! Oddly enough, I had one glass of wine mixed with some San Pellegrino sparkling water. That drink it me so hard. WHOOSH! Aside from that, it was a good time. I saw some friends, mingled, laughed and listened to good music. Then, there were plans made to do it again Saturday.

I mentioned earlier that Saturday was my day to do nothing. I slept in (sleeping past 6 is a sleeping in for me). I made myself green smoothie and sat myself on the sofa. I listened to some Radiohead and My Bloody Valentine. I had some girl time with Little Miss Connie. I watched “Where Do We Go Now?” a Lebanese co-drama that I really enjoyed. I followed that up with the Danish flick “After the Wedding” which was powerful and deep on the topics of loyalty, family and love. Because a scheduled phone call was delayed, I watched the most awesome episode of Portlandia, being “The Brunch Village Special.” All done in a bulky sweater and baggy sweatpants before dressing up in one of Artie’s plaid shirts, which I wore as a dress, and leggings for a night in Brooklyn.

Now, I’m awake, writing this blog post and enjoying a chocolate protein shake. I have to get myself in gear if I’m going to make it to our little tailgaiting party at MetLife. As I sign off, here’s my quick check-in on my Success Test progress:

Weight loss: 0
Muscle gain: I don’t know how to measure that, but I know I’ve done it
Inches lost: 4
Confidence gained: I got a little bit of swagger now

Here’s to Week 2 starting tomorrow! Enjoy your Sunday!


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