Catch Up on Day 5: World Vegan Day

Sorry I didn’t get to post yesterday. I DID work out in the morning with Speed 1.0. It was actually pretty fun. FUN!?!?! Yes, Fun!

Friends know I like to dance. So, any sort of routine that looks like dance is something I’m all over. I am the child of the woman who won Best Dancer at Claflin College many, many, many moons ago!

I technically start on Focus T25 on Monday, but I’m about to get into Day 6 with the next disc to see how I fare. Then, it’s off to work on my proposal for my thesis (Oh, the life of a grad student).

I also want to apologize for not posting yesterday, because it was WORLD VEGAN DAY! In fact, I took no foodie photos. Bizarre, right? I did go out to dinner with some lovely friends, caught up on each other’s lives and had a good laugh. Still crazy that we were at Vegetarian Paradise 2 for almost 4 hours! But sticking around for Artie to join us after work and devouring some Vegan Treats goodness was worth it.

I hope you guys all enjoyed your World Vegan Day. Now, let’s celebrate World Vegan Month and just be the awesome compassionate people we vegans know we are.


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