Day 4: Cardio 1.0 & Halloweenie Time!

Macaroon, after this morning’s workout!
Happy Halloweenie!! I finished working about 30 minutes ago. Today, I did my first Focus T25 routine, Cardio 1.0. 25 minutes of intense movements.  Good thing I watched it last night to get an idea of what I was in for, and what I committed to. Nevertheless, I’m part of a cool challenge group that is super supportive. So, no doubt I’ll get through it all.
The workout definitely wore me out. When I was done, I literally said “Whoa!” (but not in a lame Joey Lawrence on “Blossom” kind of way). I just didn’t feel like myself…alive or dead. I felt that way because I didn’t stop once during the 25 minutes. I’m kinda amped about that. 
Since it’s Halloween and I feel like death warmed over after getting my ass whipped, I wanted to share my October Swap Box from Power to the Veg (awesome Vegan facebook group). My box came from Vickie who’s a fellow NYer. And wow, was I spoiled! The coolest thing is that she included a couple of Shakeology packs, which is awesome. Why? Well, Vickie’s a Team Beachbody Coach. And…Mike, who’s my coach and fellow NYU grad student, is also a Team Beachbody Coach. Small world. 
So check out the goodies. Then check out the Rob Zombie video, because my day is going to totally be like that with a lot of fun baked in and maybe a parade tonight in the West Village.


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