Decadent Vegan Breakfast with The Cinnamon Snail

As the saying goes, “a good vegan breakfast…” Well, there is no actual saying, but I’ll coin one now.

“A good vegan breakfast starts with The Cinnamon Snail.”

Back in May, we took our first cooking class with Adam Sobel of The Cinnamon Snail called “Vegan Donut Workshop.” 3 months later, we were back in the kitchens of the Institute for Culinary Education, to take another class with Adam called “Decadent Vegan Breakfast.” Having been put into a donut coma in May, we already knew what we were in for in August.

If you’re not familiar with Adam or The Cinnamon Snail, you are behind the times, my friend. Adam and his team put out some of the best eats the culinary world has to offer. He does it all from single truck that makes its rounds about Manhattan and NJ, bringing smiles and fully bellies to diners, vegan and non-vegan alike.

Adam is a great instructor. Not only does he give you recipes, he shares wisdom and cooking techniques and tricks that are like golden nuggets! He also is a great storyteller, passionate about his food, cultural experiences, the environment and having compassion for all living things. He has a strong will to bring to light and to end suffering, all through the sharing of food, like breaking bread with the world.

I must add that the week before we took this class, we ran into Adam and his family up at Farm Sanctuary for the annual Hoe-Down. Adam received the 2013 Compassionate Commerce Award for his amazing work in spreading love, compassion and veganism! Congrats to him!

So enough of the sentiments, let’s get to the BREAKFAST!

With about 14 students, spread across 3 or so teams, we engaged in both preparation and cooking for all dishes on our menu. We made the following:

  • Dandelion Greens with Lemon Garlic Potatoes – “Shut the front door!”
  • Maple Mustard Breakfast Seitan Strips – “WHAT?!?!?!”
  • Vanilla Sesame Milk – “Yum!”
  • Bourbon Pecan Pancakes with Ginger Stout Syrup and Cardamom Butter – *thud* – “MAN DOWN!”
The four hours flew by. Everyone was full of great energy, eager to taste the meal we made. Surely we did, as we sat around a communal table of sorts, sharing our results. Naturally, we made so much food that each student and Adam took plates home. In fact, Mac and I ate ours for dinner that night!
Our antennae are up for the next class, because we want to be at least a tenth of the vegan culinary whiz as he is!

Enjoy the slideshow!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.


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