Vegan Lunch with The Food Duo

Macaroon had a Welcome Back, Kotter lunchbox as a kid. You know she was cool!

So what’s so special about lunch? Everything!

  • Lunch is something to look forward to in the middle of the day
  • It can be both a bonding experience or personal downtime
  • It can be filling and fulfilling
  • It can get you over the daily hump
  • It can get you to broaden your horizons and tastebuds
  • It certainly can break up the monotony of a boring day
  • It can be whatever you want it to be

And that’s why we’re here, our fellow vegans! To spread the word of lunch, making it the MOST important meal of the day. Sure, breakfast can get you started, but what gets the fuel in tank. It’s lunch…and a protein-packed VEGAN one at that! So, we’ve launched our “campaign” of “Vegan Lunch” here, there and everywhere (being on social) with Facebook & Tumblr. We also share on Instagram and Twitter @ TheFoodDuo.

We hope you’ll join us in sharing your lunches as well. In fact, you can do so right through the Vegan Lunch tumblr page by clicking the Submit button. We can’t wait to see what’s in your lunchbox!

See you at the lunch table!

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