VeganMoFo 2013 #6: Clara Makes Italian Ice

Have you ever seen the web series “Great Depression Cooking with Clara”on YouTube? It’s awesome! Okay, it’s not vegan, but there are some dishes that are or can easily be veganized. Plus, Clara Cannucciari’s an adorable 90-something who tells thoughtful stories of her life in her Sicilian family during the Depression. The recipes weaves into those stories are wonderful.

My favorite episode is when Clara shows us how to make Italian ice. I don’t mean the stuff you see in the freezer case or scooped out of a barrel. I’m talking about the real deal that is cooked, stirred, scraped and takes a lot of patience to make. But, is it ever so good!

So, to make up for ALMOST missing Day 6 of VeganMoFo, here’s the episode! It’ll make you want to just start making your own batch of ice right along Clara. I sure did! And don’t be shy to get creative. I personally love peach ice!


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