Macaroon’s Upcoming Year: The Vegan Thesis!

There are innumerable reasons why I adore my wife of almost 6 years. It’s not just because she’s getting her Master’s while working full time. Nor is it solely because she’s a dedicated cat mommy  and spouse. And  it’s not only because she’s a swell gal and a very smart vegan cookie.

Oh, sure, I could wax poetic about how loving she is and what a great life mate she’s been all these years but I won’t. I can drizzle my words about my feelings towards her with syrupy pap  that would make a Hallmark Card writer wince, but I’ll spare you. I am, however, super proud of her latest scholarly accomplishment.
Lil’ ole Mac is doing her thesis on online vegan consumerism, with an emphasis on an ethical search for apparel in mainstream e-commerce , which is awesome!  What makes this more remarkable is the fact that she was all slated to craft an entirely different thesis not all that long ago.  But Mac had a crazy, green epiphany.  With a little less than two weeks before her thesis proposal deadline, Mac decided to switch! She felt compelled to do the most important work of her collegiate career  on a subject that she’s passionate about. When she asked me to proofread and give my opinion on her new thesis, I was floored by how she put together such a good proposal in a very short window of time. As it turns out, her professor and advisor were floored as well. She received an A grade and the all-important green light to go ahead with her thesis.
If this thesis comes out as good as I think it will, I would not be surprised if it gets published.  Her dedication to veganism and helping create a world with less cruelty and a lighter footprint on Mother Earth will drive her and motivate others. I can’t wait to see he craft her magnum opus.  
To be continued…

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