We’re Not Smizing,Tyra – The Vegan Jokes Are OLD!

Source: Jellibug.com

In case you missed it, 2 weeks ago, Tyra Banks posted the above photo and status on her Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Tyra, a former model, and creator and host of America’s Next Top Model, has a history of saying and doing dopey things to draw attention to herself, usually at the expense of others. As a matter of fact she’s been on my compost list ever since she laughed along with Steve Harvey when he delivered a scathing diatribe towards atheists. She sat smiling with an uncomfortable grin and went along with him despite knowing his remarks were asinine.

I typically ignore celebs when  they utter dumb things about vegans/veganism or anything actually, but this was beyond the pale. Reactions to her foolish and flippant remark were mixed. Most non-vegans could care less about what she said.  The vegan community was understandably irate with her, some even suggesting that she should be sued. I don’t feel a lawsuit is warranted, but she should at least apologize for her insensitive and condescending remark and should consider visiting a farm sanctuary where she can meet pigs to see what loving and highly intelligent beings they are.  (At the time of writing this piece she hasn’t apologized).

But the odds of her doing either are next to nil. Tyra is all too aware that she can insult us with near impunity, because we’re a minority within minority.  Granted, many celebs say dumb things that they often regret. Some of their poorly chosen words were said more out of ignorance than malice, but some get a charge out of poking fun at others. Tyra knows she’s wrong but will do jack to make it right.  Tyra also subscribes to the misconception that vegans are on some type of diet that where can be “tempted” to cheat.  She fails to realize that vegans have no desire to consume or use products derived from animals because we value their lives as much as they do.

Tyra and other public figures should really consider the weight of their words when they talk about veganism or any other topic. Her stupid remark may have fortified some of her fan base, but that immediate gain will be offset with loses down the road.  If you want the planet to know that you have a bacon obsession that’s your business…but don’t put us down because we choose to live without it.  

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