Trending Now! at Trend Coffee & Tea House – Montclair, New Jersey

It was a bright and balmy Saturday afternoon in lovely Montclair, NJ. Mac, our pal Scallion and I were spending a pleasant time shopping in one of our favorite Garden State towns, when suddenly we were all in need of refreshments. As we ambled along Bloomfield Ave. we spotted a cute looking coffee shop named Trend Coffee & Tea House. After noticing that the menu boasted vegan snacks our curiosity got the best of us, so we decided to investigate! 
Trend, which is located in a home that was built in 1860, is utterly charming. They take great pride and go to great lengths to maintain the building’s vintage appearance. The mixed décor is colorful, comfortable and inviting. It’s the type of shop that film crews would consider for a location shoot. 
Just hanging out & taking in the scene: Artie, Mac & Scallion
After picking a table that offered a great view for people watching, we perused the colorful dessert case. Although their entire selection of vegan pastries looked divine making a decision was easy; it’s not every day that you come across vegan baklava and vegan Fig Newton pastry! The Baklava was luscious, rich and not overly sweet. The Fig Newton pastry didn’t taste like Fig Newtons, it was better! It had a more grown-up, actual fig taste that left us wanting more.  I should have ordered one to go! 
Baklava on the left and Fig Newton on the right! Can’t go wrong with either one. So just get both!
Montclair is a town with a long history of places that offer good coffee and vibes and Trend fits right in. It’s a low-key and relaxing place to take a load off. They also offer free Wi-Fi, have a large backroom for rent, and they host events such as live music, open mic, and tarot card readings. 
Trend Coffee & Tea House
411 Bloomfield Ave 
Montclair, NJ 07042
(973) 744-1333

One Reply to “Trending Now! at Trend Coffee & Tea House – Montclair, New Jersey”

  1. WHAT!? Did you guys go here after Cupcakefest? B & I headed to Montclair after Veggie Heaven was shutdown at the fest. We couldn't think of anyplace to get tea besides Starbucks, so we forced ourselves to go to Mesob 😉

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