Treeline Treenut Cheese – Local Vegan Fromagerie

We heard about it
Then we saw it
Then we tasted it and were like…
French-style VEGAN cheese, FINALEMENT! 
Momma Mac is a cheese snob. Whenever she would buy cheese, it wouldn’t be your run-of-the-mill cheese slice or block. She had to go to a cheesemonger to get something “fancy” and “sophisticated.” Grilled cheese wasn’t just with Kraft Singles (cheese food). She had to have something “elevated.” So, I grew up knowing all of these kinds of cheeses and really not appreciating them until I became older.
When Artie and I went vegan, cheese was one of things that was we missed the most. So, I was perfectly fine with any kind of cheese that had a vegan label on it. While there are a few brands I really like, many left me a bit “blah.” Slices, shreds, sauces and wedges…some good, some terrible. But what about spreads? Spreadable cheese…not that aerosol cheese…but good, comforting spreads that go nicely with a water table cracker or melba toast. I grew up with these spreads that had herbs, veggies and even some wine…full of flavor…and not light on your wallet. What would I find now?
We saw ads and posts about this company called Treeline Treenut Cheese, based less than 2 hours north of NYC! We wanted to try it, not only because it was vegan, but because it sounded as close to authentic as you can get for French-style cheese, specially soft, spreadable cheese! It would take us a bit, but we finally got to taste it for the first time at The Seed 2.0 last month. Right on the spot, we bought a container of Herb Garlic French Style Soft Cheese as well as their Classic Hard Cheese. Stretch on the wallet? Actually, not really for what you’re getting!
Made from a cashew nut base, all varieties are dairy-free, have zero cholesterol and are gluten-free! No soy or palm oil included! Considering the price of nuts nowadays, and the products’ shelf life (about a month), it’s well worth it, whether for a splurge or just because it’s THAT good. 
The real test came the other day. I was talking to Momma Mac about vegan cheese and told her about Treeline. Of course, the questions came up about how it was made and how it tasted. Sadly, I ran out of crackers, but offered her a taste from a butter knife. She tasted it, went for more and nodded. She said it tasted like a good spread, very creamy…and she wanted more. SCORE!

Remind me to order more of these crackers for Momma Mac to enjoy more cheese!

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