P.B. Popps by Earth Balance

Proper snack when reading back issues of Vegetarian Times
Addictive is not the word for these bad boys from Earth Balance! P.B. Popps comes from Earth Balance’s latest line of snack food yum-yums! Mac and I had been stalking the aisles of our local Whole Foods, hoping to see them. But alas, NO! (WHY?!?!). So, we did the next best thing…and ordered them online! 
When they arrived, we tore the bag open, like cats tweaking on catnip. We’re peanut butter junkies. The combination of peanut butter with popcorn was “DIVINE” as Macaroon cheered. We ate the bag in one sitting, and then whimpered when there was no more. So guess what we did? ORDERED MORE!
Honestly, we can’t say a bad thing about these snacks. I’d love to see if they ever do one with chocolate drizzle. That would be…AMAZE-POPPS! Mac loves them with some plain yogurt and fruit in an attempt at a healthy breakfast. 
If it’s vegan, it’s healthy, right? lol. 

Best served on soy yogurt? We’ll see about that!


One Reply to “P.B. Popps by Earth Balance”

  1. These Popps are ridiculous; I ate them at a party a few months ago and I couldn't believe it! I haven't been able to buy them locally either, so I've been chowing down on the cheddar puffs instead.

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