What We Did at Vegan Summer Camp – Vida Vegan Con 2013 – Part 3

The final day of Vida Vegan Con has sadly arrived…in our recap. As we look back on all of the fun, in-depth conversations and connections we made, it’s rather bittersweet to be writing about this now. We start to relive the days and missing everyone we’ve met and the city of Portland itself! We are then left scrolling through photos and watching Portlandia on Netflix, while little smiles appear on our faces with a longing to reconnect. When’s the next one happening?!?!?!

Sunday, May 26th!

“Everyday is Saturday night, but I can’t wait for Sunday morning” – K-Os

Okay. So, that is NOT a video from the Galarama! But you know you had a great time at an event when you wake up on a Sunday with a smile…and a milkshake a la melted So Delicious ice cream! 
Sunday was our final day at VVC and in the City of Portland. We did our best to sleep in…a bit, but we didn’t want to miss our lovely breakfast with everyone. Sweats thrown on again, we hiked it over to the museum and into the ballroom. Cereals, yogurts, fruit and even chia seed pudding. If we had to compare it to the showcase on Saturday, it was perfect for a morning-after-Galarama meal.
After breakfast, we had to miss the first morning sessions to return to the hotel to change, pack and check out. We did make back in time for Ryan Patey‘s session called “Biting Off More than You Should Chew, a Discussion.” It was a great conversation amongst everyone, touching upon so many topics from body image to religion to being and speaking out as vegan in the workplace. We learned that we’re all unique, but not very different, especially in our vegan bond.
After the discussion, it was time for lunch! There was a great Sandwich Board buffet, where we made delicious, filling sandwiches and enjoyed yummy ice cream. Yes, there will ALWAYS be vegan ice cream!  
Macaroon attended some tech sessions on social media and web effectiveness and took a TON of notes, which she’s still typing up. Because she loves that stuff, she is trying to work out some strategy for this very site…somewhere in between changing jobs and graduate school. Thanks to Dawn, Helen and Jason for leading those sessions, full of information! 
Then, we all headed back to the ballroom for our final group goodbye. Hugs about with “See you soon” said by all. Soon, it was time to meet our Portland-based pals, Hops and Grape for dinner and a ride back to the airport, making a couple of foodie stops along the way!
At the airport, we got a special treat in seeing some of our fellow NYC VVCers on our flight home to JFK: Sharon of Big City Vegan, Terry from Vegan Latina (and her great cookbooks), Jill of Compassion Couture and Emily of My Kind of Life! YAY for vegan travel buddies!
So what did we walk away VVC with? 
  1. An insane amount of swag
  2. Super useful knowledge that can be applied to our blog, our skills and experience and our lives
  3. Full, overextended, happy bellies
  4. The best hugs on the planet…THANKS DAN!
  5. A ton of new friends, even made post-VVC!

The only thing we regret is not taking photos of our old and new friends! That will be added to our TO-DO list for the next VVC! Ahh, but there’s always Facebook and our blogs!

Up next: Our Portland Foodie Slideshow!


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