What We Did at Vegan Summer Camp – Vida Vegan Con 2013 – Part 2

Hello Mudda…Hello Fadda…Greetings from VVC 2013…The Recap Part 2! Man! We should have had some postcard writing fun, a la sleepaway camp style. Granted, neither of us have ever gone to sleep-away camp, but it sounds like it would have been fun!

So with Part 1 behind us (but still ingrained in memory), let us share the good times had on Saturday at the conference and the Galarama!

Saturday, May 24th! 

Day 2 of VVC started off with a MASSIVE Portland Vegan Breakfast Showcase with 9 of the area’s amazingly delicious vendors, like Back to Eden Bakery and A.N.D. Cafe. The dreams and thoughts alone make our tummies do happy, little flippy-flops!

Then it was workshop/panel time. We attended a couple including Ethics Beyond the Plate and The Writer’s Block workshop. Greatly informative, thought-provoking and helpful in our blogging. Artie really got into the Writer’s Block session. He shared a lot of what he wrote in his notebook and has since come up with ideas for future pieces!

Lunch was ridiculous as we each got to make our own “bowls.” If you don’t know what a “bowl” is, it’s literally a mix of grains, veggies and proteins, flavored however you like. They’re total comfort meals. But this “Build Your Own” session had us sharing a bowl because there was too much goodness that could fit into our bellies.

There was also the Vegan Battle Royale game show. So much fun with team head-to-heads and audience prizes. We each one a prize!

When the day ended, it was time to head back to the hotel and get all dolled up for the Galarama at Staver Locomotives.


First off, Staver Locomotives is a stellar venue to have any event. We’d have a pity party there, because it’s just that cool! The ladies and volunteers at VVC put together a lovely evening for us to eat, drink, be merry and give to a great cause, Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW!

Our friends, Hops and Grape, joined us from the far-off land of St. Johns (N. Portland – It’s not that far).  It was great to have them there, because they get to be around other vegans (see, we’re not so weird) and we get to spend time with them, since we are usually 3,000 miles apart!

Artisan vegan cheese, tacos, hot dogs, mini cupcakes and a sundae bar! OH MY! Bourbon and vodka samples, a stocked bar with soda/liquor blends (Ummm..Strawberry Jarritos please?) YES, and there was DANCING!

There was an silent auction where we won an awesome Namaste Monroe handbag with goodies inside (WAFFLE MIX TOO!) and a pack of coupons from WholeSoy & Co. (Best Vegan Yogurt Ever!) SCORE and we did it all for the CHIMPS! In fact, the Galarama raised $4000.00 for the sanctuary! Vegans always are doing good.

The night ended with us taking home a tub of So Delicious‘ Almond Mocha Fudge, which later melted in our hotel fridge. No worries. It made for a yummy milkshake in the morning, while singing “My vegan milkshake brings all the vegan boys to the yard…”

Stay tuned for Part 3 of our Vida Vegan Con fun…


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