What We Did at Vegan Summer Camp – Vida Vegan Con 2013 – Part 1

Portland, City of Roses, oh how you have spoiled us with the grand sense of community, vegan pride and delicious eats for which we would have been glad to have been taken hostage. Vida Vegan Con, we missed the first one, but we definitely made sure we’d make it this year! It was a long yet lovely weekend of putting faces to blogs, connecting with old and new friends and engaging in many sessions ranging from the art of photography to ethics beyond the plate. And just like when we went to camp as kids, we knew the memories would be long-lasting!

So, how do we share with you our time at VVC? We can surely show you what we ate (will do that in soon enough), but we want to just share some of our favorite moments of all three (ok, four) days. So let’s begin with Part 1 of our VVC recap!

Thursday, May 23rd!

We were staying up in St. Johns (N. Portland) after arriving on Tuesday. After spending time with friends and doing a bit of shopping at Bridge City Comics and Music Millenium, we didn’t know if we’d make the Unofficial Official Meet and Greet at White Owl Social Club. But we did, pushing back our check-in at Hotel Modera.

We stayed enough to enjoy a couple of ciders and say hi to some friends, who were devouring Fried Mac & Cheese Burgers! If only we hadn’t stuffed ourselves earlier between Laughing Planet Cafe and Blossoming Lotus, we would have partaken. Alas, we couldn’t, as we had plans to see Savoir Adore and Sea Wolf at the Doug Fir Lounge.

The show was great. Despite the rain coming down outside, we got the munchies. So, we did what normal hungry kids do at around midnight: Order a Thunder-N-Lightning from Sizzle Pie and a couple of doughnuts from Voodoo Doughnut (No lines…no lines)! Then, it was time to rest up!

Friday, May 24th! 

Day 1 of VVC began. We got up early, threw on sweats and took a walk down to Case Study Coffee for some vegan treats from Petunia’s Bakery to go with our iced coffees. Then, we headed over to the Portland Art Museum to register. Since the workshops didn’t begin until later in the day, we went back to the hotel to change clothes and take a drive up to N. Portland, because SOMEONE needed to get her Homegrown Smoker on!

We made it back to the museum in time for some of the first day’s workshops and panels including Food Styling and Art of Writing Recipes. There was also a very nice welcome reception at the end of the day with yummies from Veggie Grill, as well as a bit of a keynote address from illustrator and author Nicole Georges. BTW, her new book Calling Dr. Laura is awesome, as is Nicole herself for autographing Artichoke’s copy!

We had a bit of time to take it easy back at the hotel for a hot minute before heading down to the Vegan Mini-Mall. We had a lot of fun, enjoyed great food and did a bit more shopping between Food Fight! Grocery, The Herbivore Clothing Company and Sweetpea Baking Company. A few of us then trekked on foot to The Sweet Hereafter for a bit of dinner and drinks, which was capped off by some interesting stories shared by our cabbie.

And that has been Part 1 of our adventures at Vegan Summer Camp, aka Vida Vegan Con! Stay tuned for Part 2 coming up next!


6 Replies to “What We Did at Vegan Summer Camp – Vida Vegan Con 2013 – Part 1”

  1. It was so great to meet the two of you! After I saw Carlo getting his copy of Calling Doctor Laura signed, I picked one up to read on the train. I agree, it's awesome.

  2. I'm kicking myself for skipping Homegrown Smoker this year. I still dream of the Mac No Cheeto I ate in 2011.

  3. Great meeting you as well!!

    It's funny because when we bought the book, Carlo asked the guy at the comic book store to show him something “local.” He presented us with Calling Dr. Laura. While Nicole was speaking, I told Carlo “That's her! We just got her book!” I love coincidences like that.

  4. Great recap of the first two days in Portland. I am really missing that place and all the vegan eats. I really need to get Nicole Georges new book as I love graphic novels, especially memoirs. Her art is amazing!

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