Vegan Donut Workshop with The Cinnamon Snail – NYC

Time to make the (vegan) donuts!

Before we journeyed to the Wild Wild West for Vida Vegan Con, we had a BLAST of an evening donut making with Adam Sobel of the BEST food truck in NYC, The Cinnamon Snail. We love donuts, but making them has always eluded us. Macaroon even tried to make them, but ended up with a yucky doughy mess. So, we’ve left donuts to the experts of vegan treats! If you’ve never had a donut from The Cinnamon Snail…you are missing out!

When the opportunity came to enroll in Adam’s Vegan Donut Workshop at the Institute of Culinary Education, we were in! It was a great learning experience. We learned a bit about the history of donuts, how to use a donut dropper and made a mix of cake and raised donuts of the following varieties:
In the end, all of us were giddy kids on sugar highs covered in flour and sugary glaze, just like the treats we made. We each brought home a box and a set of recipes to try at home. Adam was even nice enough to let us treat him like the rock star he is ,and sign our recipe booklet. 
If you can get a class on how to many vegan donuts, do it! Do it! DO IT! It’ll be AWESOME!
So many photos. So much fun! Here’s a slideshow to live vicariously through our donut-ty bliss!


One Reply to “Vegan Donut Workshop with The Cinnamon Snail – NYC”

  1. Thanks for letting me get a sneak peek into this class! I'm an awful cook/baker, so I prefer to just assume it's magic and jump on the Snail line.

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