We’re in Portlandia!!!!!

Photo Credit: StreetRoots.org
It’s about 6:30am PT as I start to type this piece. We’re in the lovely city of Portland, OR to attend Vida Vegan Con, a vegan bloggers conference running from May 24th through May 26th. It’ll be a great time to meet some fellow bloggers, catch up with some friends and make some new ones along the way. I love how great the sense of community is and how it’s grown within veganism. It’s beautiful.
When I was a kid, vegetarians were considered weird hippies who never “grew” out of Woodstock. They were thought to live in communes, and shied away from modern-day technology. While I was one of those who shared those sentiments in my younger years, I think I’ve grown up a bit to broaden my horizons and see that plant-based eating and living span across many cultures across the globe. It’s so clear, especially now, as we’re connected through social and mobile media via devices almost permanently attached to our hands and fingers. We want share information and fast! 
So over the next few days, Artie and I will be sharing some photos and thoughts, especially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ll also be honing our blogging skills while at VVC. And all the while, we plan on having fun!

BTW, I owe you guys a snazzy slideshow of the vegan donut workshop we attended on Saturday night with Adam Sobel of The Cinnamon Snail. I’ll try to squeeze that in between PDX vegan food porn, music, and more music and enjoying all that is around us.


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