Westchester Veggie EatUp @ Jolo’s Kitchen

Meet up and eat up!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we LOVE Jolo’s Kitchen in New Rochelle, NY! Friday evening, we organized and hosted our first MeetUp event with the Westchester Veggie EatUp group in the ‘burbs of NYC. It was a lovely evening with great food, music, people and positive vibes, held at Jolo’s Kitchen upcoming “new” location on 415 North Avenue in the city of New Roc (right across the street from the current location)!

We enjoyed sampler plates of good eats:

  • Wild rice
  • Kale and cabbage
  • Black beans
  • Veggie duck
  • Veggie ribs

We also had some homemade ginger beer and amazing desserts including lemon cake, chocolate cake and a delicious fruit salad with papaya!

Good solid tunes piped through the spot, thanks to DJ Steve Brock. We were treated to an a-capella serenade of “Smile” by Nat King Cole by Jolo’s sous chef, “The Singing Chef,” Mr. Ras Chemash Lamed. Check out one of his performances in New Orleans, LA on  YouTube! AMAZING!

The best quote of the night came from Jolo’s #1 customer: “If you let the animals live, then you can live it up!” BRILLIANT and totally signified the evening!

A HUGE THANKS to Jolo, Tania and team for everything they did to put this evening together for all of us! A HUGE THANKS To everyone who joined us! We hope to do it again soon!

Here’s a slideshow of the evening’s festivities:


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