Getting Fancy (and Clean) with The Fanciful Fox

The Iceberg bar: Love the crags at the top! 

For many people, taking a bath or shower is merely something that you just do, it’s even a laborious chore to some. Macaroon and I believe that bath time is something that should be enjoyed. It’s an invigorating way to start your day or a relaxing way to wind down your evening. Mac will tell you that I will literally spend over an hour soaking in our tub, often reading a magazine, book or writing my  lousy screenplays. What better inspiration can you get than sitting in a bubble bath, with script in hand,  as your cats come to check on you from time to time as you turn into a prune. Now that’s living! 
When you take your bath or shower, there’s nothing quite like lathering up with handcrafted soaps. The joy of sniffing those aromatic cakes of cleanliness, and thinking about how refreshing your bath or shower will be, is therapeutic and intoxicating, at least for us! Whenever Mac and I pass a bath shop or a stand at a pop-up shop that sells those wonderful handcrafted soaps, we MUST check out what they offer. Unfortunately, not all soap purveyors sell vegan soaps. We usually have to read the labels or ask the staff if the ingredients are cruelty-free and vegan. Major supermarkets offer few if any options at all. They usually sell mass produced, chemically enhanced soaps are harsh on your skin, do not clean very well and are often tested on animals. 
We recently checked out the Green Festival at the Javits Convention Center with our friend, “Scallion.” As we perused the eco-friendly and pro-green stalls, my nose caught wind of a booth that sold handcrafted soaps called The Fanciful Fox. Hailing from Scranton, PA, which is not the first city that comes to mind when you think of delicate vegan soaps, The Fanciful Fox is the epitome of a small business. The owners, a very friendly mother and daughter team, employ one other person. All three are vegan, and handmake every product they sell. The beauty of companies such as The Fanciful Fox is that everything is vegan and cruelty-free. You can can simply purchase any item they sell without having to worry if it’s vegan or not.

Some of their soaps come with playful names such as “Wise Guy” and “Blooming Buddha” that are wrapped in handmade bands, printed on Fair Trade, sustainable handcrafted, artisan Lotka paper. They also sell deodorants creams, lotions and even cleansers for doggies. Heck, their dedication to making cruelty-free products earned them a PETA Compassionate Business award in 2009, and they’re a licensed affiliate of PETA.

Close up of the Licorice bar: We need Scratch ‘n Sniff technology for this blog! 

So far we’ve only used the Licorice bar which cleans very well, keeps your skin smooth and emits a very nice anise scent that lasts all day. We also purchased bars with names like “Chocomint”, “Iceberg”, “Orange Cinnamon”, “Eucalyptus Lemongrass”, and “Through the Woods.” We’re looking forward to try each and every bar and we’ll eventually purchase others in the future. We hope to see them again at another event real soon.   
To check out The Fanciful Fox’s wonderful products , visit

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