Peacefood Cafe Downtown – New York City

Meetups with new and not-so-new friends are fun, especially when you all get to try a newly opened eatery and all its delights. Well, we did just that this past Saturday at the new Peacefood Cafe Downtown in the West Village. It’s Peacefood’s second location; the original located at 460 Amsterdam Avenue at W. 82nd Street in the Upper West Side.
Surprisingly, as many times Peacefood has been recommended to us, we have yet to visit the original! Crazy, right? Well, seeing that they had a new locale, we were determined to check out what they were all about! 
First off, it’s in a great location, close to Union Square and New York University. On a day like Saturday, it makes for a lovely spot after a nice stroll, a morning of yoga (yes, there are a few studios close by) or a meetup with like-minded folks. Peacefood offers a comfy, cozy space full of light and beautiful art along its walls (love). Pair that up with some good, solid, food with a mix of healthy temptation, and you will really treat yourself.
We joined our group at around noon, and left around 3pm. In between, we drank, talked about food, culture, the world and even our favorite animals. Oh, and we ate a lovely meal. Artie and I decided to split our lunch. So here’s what we enjoyed:
Orange Apple Cider: Hot, frothy and topped with cinnamon. So needed on a brisk day and so soothing!
Chickpea Fries: A side menu item definitely to be shared, or you can eat this by yourself. Delicious Indian spices and served with a creamy dipping sauce that nice compliments the fries’ slight saltiness.
Mediterranean Oven-Dried Seasonal Vegetables Panini: Served on focaccia bread with cashew cheese and basil spinach pesto. Cashew cheese had a creaminess like a soft goat cheese (If I remember).  The vegetables were delicious. I just wish there were more.
We also tried some of our friend’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake. So rich, heavy and delicious. It’s really tempting that you want to spoon it in big bites, but you really need to enjoy it slowly over time. It’s one of those desserts that if you eat it in one sitting, it’ll put you to sleep (in a good way). In fact, I think 3-4 of us sampled it throughout our time there.
By this point, we were STUFFED. However, we did order dessert:
Grasshopper Sandwich Cookie: Like a “gourmet” chocolate-peppermint whoopie pie! We could only eat half. Our tummies had waved a white flag at that point. However, by dinner time, it was gone.
Raw Cashew Cream Cheesecake: We took this home. Sadly, it did shift on the ride home. We enjoyed this while watching Slap Shot, starring Paul Newman. It was really delicious with the touch of lemon and coconut oil. I particularly loved the raisin-walnut crust which balanced out the flavors nicely, especially while watching the goon ice fight scenes.
Peacefood Cafe, at both locations, also offers special dishes, which I will have to try on my next visit Downtown or finally make the trek to the Uptown spot. I hear the PFC Un-chicken Basket is tops! If Saturday’s meal was any indication on portion sizes, it’s going to have to be shared. Artie, you in?
Now, let me add this: The bakery and dessert case is reason enough alone to visit Peacefood. The moment you want in, you’re greeted with such lovely treats. In fact, you may want to start AND end your meal with dessert!
Doesn’t everything look so good? Umm…YEAH!

Peacefood Cafe Downtown
41 East 11th Street (at University Place)
New York, New York 10003

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