Defining Moments in Veganism!

Okay. It makes it sound like going vegan is an event for the history books, and we think it is!  You have to admit the moment you went vegan (or vegetarian) was maybe just a wee bit significant.  Was it unexpected? How about life-altering? Or, could it have been down right  earth-shattering? WE WANT TO KNOW.

A CALL TO ACTION: Your friends, The Food Duo, would love to share our stories, as well as have you share yours. What made you go vegan or vegetarian? How did you make that decision? How has it been?

We’re also interested in what some of our omnivorous friends feel about veganism and vegetarianism. Tell us why you are hesitant to make the change.

We can all learn from each other, right?

If you’re interested in sharing your story, post a comment below or send an email to thefoodduo (at)

We’d love to feature your story here! THANKS!


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