Miss Rachel’s Pantry – A VEGAN Philadelphia Gem

Exterior of Miss Rachel’s Pantry: We have family in Philly, who knew?! 

We’re living in an age of continuous media messaging. Many ads make outlandish, hyperbolic claims, often overselling their wares, and they come fast and frequently! This is especially true in the food and restaurant industry. There’s barely a block of commercials that doesn’t contain at least one image or mention of a food product or eating establishment. We’ve all heard a certain (nameless) corporate restaurant chain’s tagline “When you’re here, you’re family”, ad nauseam.  This claim is untrue and…rather silly. But it does beg the question “can you really feel like family at a restaurant?” As of this past Saturday, I can say the answer is “YES!”

While perusing the net to plan our trip to the annual Philadelphia Flower Show, we came across what seemed to be a unique eatery called Miss Rachel’s Pantry. Located in South Philly, Miss Rachel’s Pantry offers an eclectic variety of vegan fair that’s certified kosher. During the day, Miss Rachel offers   various specials to be picked up.  After reading about what Miss Rachel does, Mac was enthusiastic about trying to get reservations for us. When 2 seats were available, Miss Rachel, AKA Rachel Klein, reached out to us and the date was set.

Every Saturday evening at 7:00 PM, Miss Rachel brings together 12 people at a “Farmhouse Table Dinner” offering an diverse four-course pre-fixe menu that changes every week. Yes, you’ll most likely be sitting with folks that you’ve never met before.  It turns out that our table had a very nice group of people; some whom were vegans, others not. Our conversations were pleasant and not forced, flowing across many topics from veganism, art, charter schools and crazy Philly stuff like The Wing Bowl and the Vegan Wing Bowl (which isn’t as vile or full of debauchery as the former). The topics wafted throughout the evening like the amazing aromas of Miss Rachel’s Pantry.

Our Saturday Night’s Menu

Before the meal, our table was offered two baskets of delicious grilled bread with a savory thyme spread (don’t tell anyone that I ate 5 pieces, shhhh!).  Since you’re allowed one of two items from each course, Macaroon and I decided to simply order both and share with each other. Most of our fellow dining couples did the same thing.

Albeit everything was delicious, I was particularly fond of the barbeque seitan tips atop creamy edamame puree and the hearty potato chowder with coconut bacon. Mac fell in love with the tempeh Bolognese lasagna with layers of spinach & cashew ricotta and the SINFULLY delicious cookies and cream ice cream cake.

Macaroon put together a little slideshow of our lovely meal. We apologize in advance for any excessive salavation! LOL

Our waitress, Sally, originally from Brooklyn, was very attentive and courteous and made some humorous observations. When she handed us the bill, it was secreted in a vintage copy of Good Housekeeping! Before the guests left, Miss Rachel came out (to applause) and humbly asked how everything went. It’s comforting to know that there are still restaurant owners who take pride in their business.
Would we schlep all the way down the NJ Turnpike to eat at Miss Rachel’s Pantry again? The answer is yes. Her hospitality and great food made us feel like family. And, like a devoted family members, we don’t want to miss out on the fun.

Miss Rachel’s Pantry

1732 W Passyunk Ave.
Philadelphia PA, 19145
(215) 798-0053

Just a note: Reservations are required for the weekly Farmhouse Dinner Table. Be sure to book your spot in time!

3 Replies to “Miss Rachel’s Pantry – A VEGAN Philadelphia Gem”

  1. LOVE, love, love Miss Rachel's Pantry! We, too, ordered one of each of the two selections for each course, so we were able to get a taste of the entire menu. And, what is this talk of a Vegan Wing Bowl?!?! I never knew that one existed, but I'm definitely intrigued!

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