Doing Good with The Queer Vegan Cookbook!

Sarah E. Brown has an awesome blog called Queer Vegan Food. It’s full of great recipes and insights on adopting a plant-based diet and preventing animal cruelty. With such a cool site chock full of information, it’s great to see Sarah take her blog to the next level with a great charity cookbook project whose end result was just released today called The Queer Vegan Cookbook.

So many great recipes from some pretty amazing vegan chefs and bloggers. You’ll be introduced to interesting and intriguing food combinations and mouth-watering meals. While you’re going through the visual deliciousness in this e-book, you’ll realize that you’re doing some good as you go through each page! All proceeds are being donated to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary (Artie…we need to make another trip there soon!)

Photo Credit: Sarah E. Brown,

I’ve already read through it, and have “marked” which recipes we’re going to try first, but I’m not going to tell you which ones. Get the book, enjoy the recipes and do some good!

Buy your copy today!


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