Trader Joe’s Crunchy Black & White Rice Rolls

Crunchy,& Lightly Sweetened: The “V” says it all!

One fine night Mac and I decided to pick up a few little things at Trader Joe’s. As we were checking out, we spotted a box called Trader Joe’s Crunchy Black and White Rice Rolls. After checking the ingredients to insure that its vegan (it is and says so on the box), we decided to buy a pack since we’re both fans of rice based snacks and are trying to eat healthier.

In the U.S. alone impulse purchases account for… well, a LOT. From time to time, Mac and I can be guilty of procuring a cheap sideline item without a second thought. With a name like Crunchy Black and White Rice Rolls, how could we resist? Well I’m glad that once again we were victims of sly advertising. These yummy, crunchy logs tasted like sweetened rice cakes without that Styrofoam texture. They’re tasty as they are or smeared with peanut butter or whatever you choose. This will not be last the time we purchase these tasty treats…or other yummy things from Trader Joe’s sideline endcap!


4 Replies to “Trader Joe’s Crunchy Black & White Rice Rolls”

  1. I bought them for my grandson who is allergic to gluten. They don't say gluten free but the ingredients are pretty simple and I don't see any of the culprits. I wonder why they aren't listed as GF?

  2. I see that with some some seemingly vegan products too. I think it's because they cannot make that guarantee due to how they are manufactured. Though I do see that they call that out on some products too.

  3. I picked these up on impulse a while ago, too, and have been pleased with the taste and texture. Yesterday I dipped on in leftover cinnamon applesauce for a tasty snack. 🙂

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