The Vegan Winter Sushi Experiment

Hot Dog Sushi: Veggie dogs with Italian onions, mustard and relish fill these rolls. Served up with some wasabi ketchup

Winter is a funny season. The long, cold days and dark, silent nights can cause normally sane people to display some downright outré behaviors. Constructing R-rated snowmen, donning really ugly holiday sweaters and making weird sushi dishes are all byproducts of Old Man Winter’s blowing frigid air in our frontal lobes.

It’s no wonder that one VERY cold January day Mac suggested that we make our very own vegan sushi. Not just any old vegan sushi, but hot dog sushi…yep, you read that correctly, HOT DOG SUSHI. Sushi is a food that used to make me squeamish. Although I’m still not 100% on board with those little vinegary rice cylinders, I am warming up to the stuff more and more. What finally sold me was when I tried vegan sushi at Veggie Heaven, which was very yummy.

After we picked up the needed ingredients at H Mart (an excellent Asian market in Hartsdale, NY), Mac and I removed our obis and began to experiment. As it turns out hot dog sushi isn’t bad at all! I like dishes that reveal their flavors in waves and this dish is a classic example. Layers of Salty followed by sweet followed by nutty, etc.; both tease and please your palate.

Sushi Taco: Filled with orange chick’n, sushi rice and topped with pickled ginger

Due to the hot dog sushi’s surprising appeal, Mac suggested another unconventional dish, the sushi taco…thing. This dish was not sushi at all, but instead, tacos made from some ingredients of sushi. This odd, transcontinental dish also worked well and would be a hit and conversational piece at any party.

If there’s one dish that we recommend experimenting with its sushi. Sushi is rather easy to make, fairly inexpensive and filling. You don’t need a really cold winter nights as an excuse to play around with different combos, just use your imagination!


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