New Beginnings in Vegan Sushi?

I know it’s a little late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR! 
The media is full of “New Year. New You” blitzes they call newsworthy. Not to mention, all of the diet and dating ads (they go hand-in-hand, right?), telling folks that NOW is the time to make a change for the “better?” So, we decided to take a different approach. Why not just be our current self and let the days take us where they may. If changes come, they come. 
And being our current selves, we decided we wanted to try something new.  That would be…making sushi…no classes necessary. Artichoke had been “scared” (for lack of a better term) of sushi. The guy was born a with a fish and seafood allergy. When I told him that there was such as thing as vegan sushi, he was really hesitant. It took a trip to Las Vegas and a lovely dinner at Sensi at Bellagio to change his mind. 
So, for 2+ months, Artichoke has been wanting to make sushi at home. For some reason, I pushed it off. Then, magically, we came upon a sushi dining set that Momma Mac had and never going to use. That acquisition led to a lovely outing to H-Mart in Hartsdale to get some sushi rice and other goodies, like rice wine vinegar, wasabi and pickled ginger.
It was time for the fun to begin. I did some quick research on making sushi rice without a rice cooker (Thanks Alton Brown!) I also read a couple of articles on how to make a sushi roll and found one that made it look pretty darn easy. Then, I gathered up the ingredients for 2 different kinds of rolls. The first would be one with black sesame seeds, beets, mango and green pepper. The other would have tofu, carrot and green pepper. 
Making the actual sushi was pretty easy-peasy. However, sushi rice can be a BITCH! I found I had to keep wetting my hands to work with it, but Artie said I got through it like champ. I also learned that you didn’t need a lot of the filling to make the roll. A few slices of this and a few of that and you’re done. 
Rolling up the sushi worried me. I tried to keep the roll as tight as possible without stuff coming out from both sides, hoping not to make a mess. Also, when I sliced the rolls, I got a bit nervous. Some didn’t cut so pretty, but I don’t think I did badly for a first-timer.

Then, came the tasting! Artie and I saddled up to the dining table with a little sushi plates and chopsticks in tow. Artie, the sushi novice, was pleasantly surprised by how everything tasted. He was really worried about there being some fishiness, despite the dish being vegan. Tamari, pickled ginger and a heap of wasabi cleared that up for him nicely. Oddly enough, he could still taste the beets and carrots their respective rolls.
So, now Artie is super eager to try more kinds of sushi. In fact, I think we’re making sushi again tomorrow night. I think Artie wants to try to make the rolls this time. It should be fun. I’m looking forward to it.
Can you guess what’s for lunch tomorrow?!?!?!


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