Cranberry-Granola Parfaits: A Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe

I don’t know about you, but every year, there seems to be a sense of guilt felt by Thanksgiving/Thanksliving cooks. We’ve made too much food! What to do with it all?!?! Sure, you can make sandwiches or just make extra plates for folks! But, I like when people get creative. For example, I’ve turned mashed potatoes in a casserole. Artie’s made pasta dishes with leftover veggies. We do this, because neither of us has an interest in eating the same food days in a row…unless we’re really lazy!

This year, I made my own cranberry sauce for the first time. I didn’t realize how much I made until I poured the sauce into…A LOAF PAN! Trying to dump some off on Momma Mac, I still had a lot left. So, I came up something to make Friday morning for breakfast…a yogurt parfait. With some soy yogurt, a little vanilla, some granola for crunch and the cranberry sauce, it was a nice change for us, as we normally grab a bagel or heat up some instant oatmeal. What was even better was that it can be eaten as a snack or dessert.

Cranberry-Granola Yogurt Parfaits
Source: Too much cranberry sauce!
Serves 4

  • 2 c. plain soy yogurt
  • 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract (You can omit, if using vanilla soy yogurt)
  • 1 c. cranberry sauce (store-bought is fine, but homemade is better)
  • 2 c. vegan granola
  1. Prepare 4 parfait/sundae glasses. Mix together the yogurt with vanilla until well-combined
  2. To each glass, add 1/4 c. of yogurt,  1 Tbsp of cranberry sauce and 1/4 c. of granola
  3. Repeat the layer one more time
  4. Serve

    You can garnish as you wish with a dollop of added yogurt, some fresh cranberries, nuts or a mint leave.


2 Replies to “Cranberry-Granola Parfaits: A Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe”

  1. Happy New Year from Louisiana, Mac & Art! Until I just read it here, I had no idea there was soy yogurt, so thanks bunches for that, since I just read a recipe calling for Greek yogurt and wondered what the vegan sub might be. What a delicious way to deal with leftovers. I'm so tired of just oatmeal every morning in the winter, this will be a fabulous change. Thanks again.

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