Pink Frosting Bakery – Verona, NJ (Formerly known as Cupcraze Bakery)

Credit: Pink Frosting Bakery

Update: We’ve updated this post to reflect the business’ name change.

Veganism is growing in NJ! Folks, if you haven’t heard, there’s a new vegan bakery on the scene, joining the ranks of Sweet Avenue Bake Shop and Papa Ganache. Cupcraze Bakery Pink Frosting Bakery has opened in Verona, New Jersey.

Owned and operated by Hiral Udawat, Cupcraze Bakery Pink Frosting Bakery has only been opened a couple of weeks, but is starting to get the attention of the locals, vegans and omnivores alike. It’s all about satisfying the sweet tooth in a healthier way that’s cruelty-free and mindful of allergens and maintaining good health. We’re all for that!

The bake shop is cute and still growing, as the foot traffic builds. What’s bringing the folks in? A lovely offering of vegan and gluten-free varieties cookies and cakes. While the menu isn’t extensive as some of our other favorite bakeries, Cupcraze Bakery Pink Frosting Bakery offers a solid mix with chocolate chip cookies, whoopie pies and some pretty rockin’ cupcakes that go beyond any cake box mix.

We happened to stop by after picking Mac up from work to grab dinner in Montclair before heading to see Morrissey at Radio City. Mac found out about it doing a simple search online for vegan bakeries near Montclair, since we were planning to have dinner in the area.. We figured we’d get a couple of treats for the road and after the show. We ordered a whoopie pie, a chocolate chip cookie, a lemon cupcake and a banana split cupcake. All drool-worthy upon sight!

We were bad kids, almost spoiling our dinner, by splitting the whoopie pie, which was really good. Mac said it tasted like an Oreo cookie (which she love). Cupcraze scored some major points with that. After dinner, we treated ourselves to the cookie as we headed into Manhattan. The cookie was good with a classic chocolate chip cookie flavor.

Leaving the concert, Mac was a little worried about the cupcakes not holding up. I told her she didn’t need to worry. If they did get a little messy, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Good to say that the cupcakes held up perfectly, thanks to the cool cupcake holders set in the cake box! Also, being in the trunk of the car for a couple of hours didn’t hurt them.

Having gotten home just in time to see Raul Ibanez kill things with 2 home-runs during last Wednesday night’s Yankees game, we definitely celebrated with the cupcakes. I went for the lemon, which had the right amount of citrus in it. A little more than subtle, but not overpowering. It was quite nice with the cream cheese frosting.

Mac had the banana split that she was eyeing up from the website and then in the shop. When she took a bite, her eyes bugged out (that good). She said the cupcake was perfect with the banana cake with chocolate, buttercream and cherry on top. It was too much like banana bread with ice cream, which is one of our faves.

Now, we have a go-to bakery as we hit our favorite areas of NJ! One near my parents. One near work. One down the shore! You can’t go wrong with any of the three. So, while we’re NYers working in NJ we say “Welcome to the neighborhood and the state, Cupcraze Bakery Pink Frosting Bakery!  We wish you the best and hope you stick around for a long while…with banana split cupcakes!”

Pink Frosting Bakery (Formerly known asa Cupcraze Bakery)
534 Bloomfield Avenue
Verona, New Jersey 07044
(973) 239-1048

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