The Lucky Cow – Cornwall, New York

We’re taking a mini-break from our VeganMoFo Pumpkin Craziness to share this bit with you!

Vegan and vegetarian good eats from The Lucky Cow makes up the Lucky Duo!

After carting off our booty of pumpkins, veggies and apples from Lawrence Farms Orchards, we were hungry. Sadly, we didn’t know of any vegan or veg-friendly spots around Newburgh, New York. Thankfully, Mac was armed with her trusty mobile and quickly pulled up the invaluable Happy Cow app. The Happy Cow led us to The Lucky Cow, a vegetarian, vegan-friendly food truck based out of Cornwall, which is about 15 minutes away from Newburgh (and a good 90+ minutes from our home in NYC).

Mac, ever the researcher, saw that The Lucky Cow would be The Shops at Jones Farms. When we got there, as nice as it was, there sadly was no truck. There were some cute farm animals, including some TRULY free range chickens and roosters playing around. BUT we were hungry!!! So, off to Facebook Mac went! The Lucky Cow had a change of plans for Saturday. They would be running the truck from their home about 5 minutes away.

We made the trek and saw the placards directing us to deliciousness…and some yard sales. Apparently, that day was the town’s yard sale event, where residents sold their wares and things, like a community spring cleaning (but in October). I was really stoked to see this, because I like yard sales and I like vegan food!

As we saddled up to the truck, there was a lot of activity! Halloween house decorating, kids running about, folks looking through books and CDs for sale. There was the truck, in the middle of it all, with a couple of tables and some chairs set up on the front lawn.

Though to some the menu may the small, you got to remember, it’s a food truck. And for this food truck owned and operated by a very friendly young couple named Mike and Sam, the offerings were diverse. The Lucky Cow caters to vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free folks. All animal-free and every item is noted with a hand-drawn icon to say what’s suitable for the customer’s dietary needs. You’ve got to love business owners who have their customers in mind. Trust us, there was nothing lacking for anyone.

Mac was set on the falafel wrap with sauteed kale and black bean hummus for us to share. For a side, I wasn’t sure if we should go for the curried cauliflower or the jalapeno cole slaw. So, I asked Mike which would he prefer. He said the cauliflower and that sold it.

When our food was ready, we took a seat and right away were amazed by the cauliflower! Then, we bit into the falafel to which we added hot sauce (a must!) and again were impressed! Everything was so good and fresh. The Lucky Cow needs to make a move downstate or we need to go up to Cornwall more often 🙂


While we were eating, we met Sam’s sister, Sara and brother-in-law, Joe. We overheard them talking about Peacefood Cafe, a place Mac’s been wanting to try, but was a little scared off by due to some negative online reviews. Sara and Joe had nothing but great things to say about Peacefood. So we’ll be going there soon.

We had a nice conversation on the importance of veganism, and health. Sara and Joe told us their story of going vegan, which was due to their son’s health issues and then grew into compassion for animals. Another thing that was cool was to hear that Joe was from our neck of the woods, literally a couple of blocks away from where Mac grew up and where we live.

Before we left, I decided that we had to try the raw date square. So, I got one to go. Mike saw my tattoo and told me about a rumor that the Misfits may get back together with Danzig (whole other conversation, but cool if true!).

So with good food in bellies and a yummy date square in tow (devoured before we left the block), we made our way back to NY. This was not without a good book find on the yard sale table where I found a copy of McSweeney’s Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales. SCORE for 50 cents!

I have to say I was really impressed with The Lucky Cow and their family. Not only do they make a mean falafel wrap, some darn good cauliflower and a delicious date square (Mac wants the recipe), they’re good people doing good things for themselves, for others, for animals and the world. I learned something from the visit. The vegan community is a small, yet big community. We’re growing and we’re sharing.

Thanks for the good eats, treats, book and conversation!


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