VeganMoFo #6: Our Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Today was our fifth wedding anniversary. Artie and I hacked around Ulster and Duchess Counties, NY. We visited a gnome, enjoyed some Turkish lunch, bought some soon-to-be devoured vegan chocolate and walked over the Hudson River 2x.

According to marriage etiquette, which we don’t follow, the celebratory couple should either receive the traditional gift of wood or the contemporary gift of silverware for their 5th anniversary. I have NO clue as to why. We were nowhere near that when we booked trips to Las Nevada and Vermont for later this month as our gifts to each other. So, we’ve got bad marital manners, I guess. 
But why wood? Why silverware? Why not pumpkins if you’re celebrating in the Fall? Tis the season, right? By the way, we didn’t have any pumpkins at our wedding. However, we did have our color theme as orange, chocolate and cream!
So, it got me to start thinking and searching the trusty Internets (yes, I added an “s” to the end). I found some cool pumpkin-themed gifts that I would have liked to received for our anniversary. 
1. A ceramic pumpkin. My mom has one of these, like the one you see from Domestic Designer. I think everyone should have one either as a cookie jar, or a hiding place for stuff you don’t want your spouse to find or get into!

2. A stack of pumpkin pillows, as found on Fall festive enough for you?

3. A pumpkin pie plate, similar to this one from I have a thing for pie plates with either a recipe inscribed in it or one with a fruit-shaped/accented lid.

4. Pumpkin soap (I found this one etsy that I’ve yet to order and try). You’re not fully clean unless your pumpkin-y clean…in the Fall!

5. Pumpkin candles/candle holders. Nothing says “romance” more than this charming gourds from

OKAY OKAY OKAY! I’m REALLY reaching to these ideas!!! But hey, it’s VeganMoFo and we’re doing it up pumpkin style!

Time for me to get back to enjoying the remaining hours of my anniversary. We’ll soon have some photos to share of our lovely time, especially the amazing views from over the Hudson River.

2 Replies to “VeganMoFo #6: Our Fifth Wedding Anniversary”

  1. We actually do the traditional gifts – but in non traditional ways. This march is our 5 year – so wood it is. I've been looking for a nice wooden cutting board…

  2. Do you want to make this anniversary a special occasion? The first step is to think about the things your wife will love to own. Second step would be to jot down your budget and the third one would be to go shopping!


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