VeganMoFo #2: Mexican Radio – Hudson, NY (Okay. Not So Pumpkin)

A review of a Mexican restaurant may not quite fit into our pumpkin theme for VeganMoFo. However, this photo sure does! Isn’t this awesome?!?! It’s the first thing we saw when we opened the door to Mexican Radio!

We so need to use this for our Halloween display!

On a recent trip to the Catskill Mountains region, we made a stop in Hudson, New York to check out the town. Hudson is about 2 hours away from NYC and has a lot of cool shops, galleries and cafes, many along their main drag, Warren Street.

As we planned our day, we found out about Mexican Radio online, not knowing that they had a location right in Manhattan. Nevertheless, checking out the spot in Hudson was well worth it and ended our great travel day, which included the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival in Saugerties.


What’s cool about Mexican Radio are 1) they offer vegan options and substitutions (YAY), 2) the awesome artwork outside and 3) the overall vibe of the place with low lighting and Mexican-inspired artwork (including that amazing pumpkin display)


This place has a scary variety of  hot sauces they offer. We sat on the first floor by the bar, where each table had 3 types of hot sauce. The offering differed at each table. At ours, we had a salsa verde picante (Amazon), a Texas-style hot sauce (Asbirin…in a old-school aspirin bottle) and a Bhut Jolokia sauce (The Ghost…Bhut Joloka is a type of “ghost” pepper – super spicy). Really clever!

For us, what goes better with Mexican food…a nice cold glass of beer. Mac went for the Breckinridge Brewery Agave Wheat, while Artie had some Sam Adams Oktoberfest (the seasonal select at the restaurant). Both good, solid choices.

Then, it was time for the food!!

We started it off with some chips and salsa, thinking it would be your basic run of the mill appetizer. However, with colorful chips and nicely balanced salsa with a nice smokey bite to it, we were pleased

Simple & Delicious

Mac went for the veganized Carne Asada Fries. It was a big ol’ plate of steak-like seitan, cooked Carne Asada style, over fries with heaps of soy cheese, vegan crema, guacamole and salsa. Like with all entrees, it came with rice and your choice of beans or salad. Mac ordered black beans which were perfect for this! Artie had dinner-envy!! So good…that we could eat this everyday! Artie ordered a tofu burrito with all of the vegan fixings. It had a nice sweet tomatillo sauce with it. It was delicious, but if he had a choice, he’d pick what Mac had. Nevertheless, you couldn’t go wrong in this place.

Carne Asada Fries (Vegan) with seitan, vegan crema and soy cheese. Rice and black beans on the side…plate
Tofu burrito (Vegan) with soy cheese & vegan sour cream

The portions were quite big. Mac took about 1/2 of her food home, which she ate later that evening, because it was THAT good. We totally passed on dessert, because it just would fit into our tummies!

Mexican Radio has something for everyone who enjoys Mexican food. Other than Mac making dishes at home, we hadn’t really gone out for dinner to such a spot in over a year…and that time, it was BAD! So, to find a gem like this, especially being so accommodating in offering substitutions with its entrees, it was a real joy!

Leaving, Mac wanted to sing out loud to some Wall of Voodoo…all the way to the NYC location, but we’ll leave that to a separate outing:

Mexican Radio – Hudson
537 Warren Street
Hudson, New York 12534

4 Replies to “VeganMoFo #2: Mexican Radio – Hudson, NY (Okay. Not So Pumpkin)”

  1. Their Tostada Magnifica (made vegan with seitan, soy cheese, soy crema) is my go to dish. Their salad and guacamole are hard to resist too. Love this place.

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