Soul Dog – Poughkeepsie, New York

On Saturday, we went to Weed Orchards in Marlboro, NY for their annual Peach Festival. After picking fruits and veggies, we wanted to grab some lunch. Where could we go for a satisfying vegan lunch? After a little bit of research, we found that there was a hot dog joint about 20 minutes away in Poughkeepsie called Soul Dog. Off, we went.
Poughkeepsie is about an hour and a 1/2 from NYC. If you’re up in that part of the state, Soul Dog is definitely worth the visit. It’s a veg-friendly spot with a cool communal vibe. Though they specialize in hot dogs. The restaurant offers a variety of foods, vegan and not, with many gluten-free options. 

Veggie dogs 3 ways (clockwise: Spicy peanut sauce. Vegetarian chili with caramelized onions and Soul sauce with sauerkraut with a side of fries
While looking at the menu, we weren’t sure what to try. After getting some recommendations, we opted to try 3 veggie dogs, each with different, unique toppings: Spicy peanut sauce. Vegetarian chili with caramelized onions and Soul sauce with sauerkraut. They were all so go that we couldn’t decide which one was the best. Albeit they were all very very tasty, the spicy peanut sauce dog was far and away the most unique topping we’ve ever had; Thai food lovers take note! In fact, Mac said it was hands-down her favorite of the three.
Honestly, if we didn’t have to head back home, we probably could have gone back for more. Well, we almost did. As we stepped out of Soul Dog, Mac look a look at the chalkboard easel that was outside with a message about their mint tea. Oddly enough, we were told about it while taking our order, but were so happy that Soul Dog had Dr. Brown’s Diet Black Cherry soda, that we passed it up. However, while standing outside about to get into the car, Mac said we had to try it. So, right back in, we went to get a nice cup of unsweetened home-brewed mint tea that didn’t need a bit of sweetener in it.

Besides the friendly service and yummy dogs and fries, Soul Dog’s charm lies in its layout. This tiny eatery is more indie coffee shop than hot dog joint. Local artwork adorn the walls, colorful handmade fliers boast what’s new in and around town, and a stack of board games are awaiting anyone who wants to Connect Four before, during and after noshing. Soul Dog is a fun and funky place to catch a bite! It’s worth the car ride to Poughkeepsie alone!

107 Main Street
Poughkeepsie, New York 12601
(845) 454-3254

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