Papa Ganache – Keyport, NJ (Soon-to-be Matawan, NJ)

On one of our most recent visits to Kaya’s Kitchen in Belmar, NJ, we enjoyed a yummy mint chocolate cupcake. Artie was eager to find out how they made it. The kind waiter told us about Papa Ganache which is currently in Keyport, which is about 20 minutes north of Belmar. Papa Ganache serves Kaya’s with many of its delicious desserts that we absolutely loved. So, we figured we needed to make a trip to the source!

One day on a “Summer Friday” after work, Artie picked me up from work and down the shore we went. Artie asked me what I think I’ll get. I thought I’d just get a cupcake or 2 and that would be it. Well, when we were arrived, we were immediately taken aback by the cute store layout and design with vintage baking supplies decorating the walls. Then, we both turned to the counter and display cases. Our eyes bugged out to see what vegan deliciousness was in front of us. Needless to say, we got more than 1 or 2 cupcakes.

Look at all that sweet stuff! Hey! Stop drooling!

As we placed our order, we had a lovely conversation with the woman behind the counter (sorry, forgot her name) who was originally from Wisconsin. It was a great conversation talking about being vegan and finding options, especially places where we don’t have to feel limited. It’s great when you connect with people within the vegan community who understand where you’re coming from. Anyway, she was telling us about her experience coming from WI to NY, while I told her about having family from SC and their way of eating. 
After she gathered up our order, knowing how enamored we quickly became with Papa Ganache, she offered to put our delicacies on a platter for us to sample and enjoy. Oh, the urge we fought off not to eat everything by sight alone. We obliged and enjoyed some iced coffees with these beautifully decorated goodies. Artie and I agreed to split everything, but after 2 cupcakes shared between us, we were full. So filling. So yummy! We knew were going to further enjoy these at home.
Clockwise from the top: Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake; Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Cup; Strawberry Cream Breakfast Roll; Smores Cupcake; Bonbon; Chocolate Chip Chipwich!
Before we left, our remaining treats were placed into a pretty pink cake box. We gave thanks for the experience and the desserts. We were also introduced Papa Ganache’s head pastry chef, Amy. She was so nice, as she was speaking with a young girl in a mentoring fashion. You can truly feel all the empathy and kindess that she had, which seemed to be carried throughout the bake shop.
On our trip up the Garden State Parkway, I was reading the paper menu I took with us. On the back, there was some interesting information regarding Papa Ganache’s owner, Lisa Siroti. It all made sense. Lisa is a licensed community social work and psychotherapist. She counsels at-risk youth and families. She takes her care for her community beyond the walls of her shop. One of the cool things she has organized is the Papa Ganache Project. She’s turned her compassion for others (humans and animals, alike) and developed something to great!
Just a bit of news: Papa Ganache is moving from its storefront in Keyport, which is a little tucked away in the town to a larger location in Matawan, NJ, a few short minutes away. The Keyport location will remain open during the move. So check out Papa Ganache’s website for news when the new store will open.


Papa Ganache
Currently at 25 Church Street in Keyport, NJ
Moving to 106 Main Street in Matawan, NJ


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