Not going to make any excuses. I stopped juicing. Not entirely, but not enough to keep going with a reboot. Despite getting the “okay” to resume, my stomach has not been co-operating. Plus, my will power was completely shot. So, I juice once a day, but I’m not following a proper way of eating as I should. I need to for my health. I’m at this point of just saying to stop stressing myself out.

I find I let life just get in the way of things. I really need to stop that. Work, school, co-op stuff, family, etc. I actually need to be selfish in a way, but I have no clue how. So, I’m just going to take a vacation from the constant thoughts of being fat and needing to lose weight. If I wake up and decide to get “serious” and make strides, then I’ll do that. We’ll see how it goes.

Now, I’m going to gear up to go to a peach festival in Ulster Co., NY and have fun!


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