The Check-In


I got the results of the bloodletting…er tests that took place last Friday.

My blood sugar was 115
Vitamin D levels…12…NOT GOOD (Should be between 30 and 100)
All other blood work came back good and clean with results going to ophthalmologist.
Blood pressure…GOOD (forgot the number, but I never had a problem)

No change in diabetes meds, but obviously a change in diet to get my blood sugars under better control.
I have to take Vitamin D-3 @ 2000 IU per day
I did develop a rash and have to take cortizone, which has been super-helpful.


What about juicing?? This week, I’ve not been the best with eating, but I’ve been mixing up juicing with meals. It’ll help when I get back to it on Monday.

I go back to the doctor in about 3 months for a check-in on my progress.

I’m setting a goal with Artie to get me on track and focus. Improve my health and look and feel better. We’ll share them with you soon!


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