Macaroon’s Medical Mission

So, I went to the doctor’s office yesterday. I was there for some time (nearly 2 hours)! No bad news yet, but I did get scolded a little for not checking in with him more often. Now, I have to go every 3 months! Good thing, I like him as my doctor.

I had a series of blood and urine samples taken, due in part to a request from my ophthalmologist who wanted to make sure I didn’t have anything else going on besides diabetes. He wanted to check for stuff I couldn’t even pronounce and lupus. My doctor said it was crazy, but he did the check anyway, because what is the eye doctor is right. I just shrugged.

Right now I’m not doing full on juicing until the results come back. I’m okay to incorporate it into my diet, but I have to be smart about it. The doctor didn’t have an opinion on juice fasting at all, but he’s concerned about how my body responds. When I get the results, then we can talk about if I’m okay to do a juice fast and if I need to make any other changes in medication or diet. He wants to focus more on weight loss and make sure what I’m doing will not be counterproductive to my diabetes. We have a goal set that will be the more weight I lose, the closer I get to be med-free. That doesn’t sound too bad. I just have to be consistent with the action I take.

I’m not really sad about not sticking with the full fast right now. Some people are juice fasting yet eating a sensible meal as well, like Artie. So, if I get the green light next week, I’ll be back on track.

The doctor reminded me of one thing: Everybody is different. Therefore, every body is different. So just focus on what you’re doing to get better, because what may work for one may not work for you.

He’s a pretty smart guy!


One Reply to “Macaroon’s Medical Mission”

  1. I have type 2 diabetes and your doctor is so right about everyone is different and you have to listen to your body. I'm trying to do the same thing, lose weight in order to get off of oral meds. Linda

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