14 Days Down for the Count!

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen some of our fruit & veggie juice blends. We had a couple of slips eating a sandwich, fries and Tings. However, it’s all been good. We’ve noticed a couple of changes:

Weight loss: Artie down 12lbs. Mac down 9lb.
Mood: Not as depressed, have more energy
Blood sugar for Mac: Now in the “normal” range
Workouts: Bumped up over 30 minutes. Artie: 35. Mac: 45-60

Yesterday, we did something crazy (for us). We did a double workout. Artie did recumbent bike at the gym, while I worked on bike and treadmill. Then in the evening, we did a power walk for about 2 miles. And boy were my feet SORE, but I’d do it again…just not for a while.

We’ll try to get another update out to you guys in the next week! By the end, we’ll do some side-by-side  photo comparisons so you can see our progress. I will say that I’m a little nervous about what to do at the end of the juice fast, but we’ll see how it goes.


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