Juicing at Jolo’s Kitchen

Mac and I simply love Jolo’s Kitchen, if you recall our first post about them. We go there often! We’ve been savoring their unique vegan Caribbean fare since the joint opened in 2008. Despite having eaten many of dishes on their menu, for some inexpiable reason, we’ve never tried any of the fresh juices they offer from their menu.

Since we started juicing fast last week, we made a concerted effort to order some juices, smoothies and protein blends. Recently, Mac ordered zingy and refreshing carrot, beet and ginger root combo.  I sucked down a delicious blend that contained peanut butter, oats, blueberries, protein powder , and a drop of agave. It tasted just like a PB&J sandwich!

It’s not just the flavor of the drinks I enjoy; I truly am impressed with those powerful machines they have to make fresh juices! The aroma that permeates the place as they whip up those wonderfully fresh tonics will overtake your olfactory senses! The other day, I overheard a customer say “Mmmm, that smells good”, as Tania whipped up our yummy libations.

When it comes to juicing at Jolo’s Kitchen, the combinations are endless that you can try. The staff is also always willing to make a recommendation or answer any questions you may have.



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