Juice the Juice!

We’ve completed Day 4 of our juice fast. We’re shooting for 60 days of this, kiddos! All to reboot our systems!

Here’s the update for today:

Macaroon: Tired in the morning, but had a boost of energy in the late afternoon. Went to the gym and hit the elliptical for 35 minutes. Then, filled out some paperwork for school (moving from grad certificate to Master’s program) with an essay!

Artichoke: Had a rough go, but got through it on 1 coffee, 1 iced tea and a diet soda. Vowed to have no more iced tea or soda the rest of the way. Coffee is a difficult out to cut out completely. Needs to increase water intake and do more exercising. Also, decided to modify fast to include one salad a day. It’s tough not to be able to chew food.

Short and sweet.

Today’s fave juice blend: pineapple, cantaloupe, lime juice, carrots, celery, spinach and kale

(Sorry, no photos…again…I got to snap the juices as I make them to share with you)


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