Juice Boot Shuffle!

It’s been a while, we know. We’ve missed writing on here, because life has been so busy and really become an obstacle in what we love. In fact, it led us to eating crap…though plant-based…but still crap. So to our dear non-veggie friends, yes, you can still eat a crap diet without meat!

Over the past few weeks and months, I’ve been dealing with some health issues. It’s totally based on how I’ve been eating. Carb overload, junk food mania, blood running with French fries and chocolate. Plus, my nearly 30-lb weight loss last year was totally eradicated and I literally went back to the exact weight where I started.

The 2 worse parts of this are the retinal vein occlusion that developed in my eye (basically a blood clot) and how I have to get monthly shots. Plus, my blood sugar has been really out of control, dipping and diving. And a side effect seems have to developed with skin breakouts! Not fun.

Artie’s also been dealing with weight gain and some bouts of excessive exhaustion.

So, I…well WE…finally decided to get things back on track. In deciding how to do that, we came across a common thread, even looking back on what friends and family did over the years. Juicing…

Momma Mac is a juicer. I even shared her recipe for her favorite juice a while ago here. It’s helped her a lot.

A few of our friends did juicing for weight loss. They found out that not only did they lose weight, they had more energy, health ailments reduced, medications were not needed as much, etc.

On top of that, 5+ years ago, the banquet manager for our wedding told us about the benefits he saw in juicing.

We’ve seen documentaries like Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and read multiple articles over the years. We even tested the waters ourselves and liked it…until our Vita-Mix container broke. Now looking back, why didn’t we stick with it?!?! Why weren’t we more proactive! I guess we can’t really look at WHY anymore.

So, we’re here today. Embarking on a juice fast. We’ll see how long we go with it. We’ll find out how we’ll do. I need to reset my body. Then re-learn how to eat. No more fad/crash diets. I just want to be friggin healthy and if I lose weight, then great. But I need to concentrate on myself…get rid of stress…be more positive…and live life to the fullest.

I sign off from this post with some homemade “Greenberry” juice. Raise of a glass. CHEERS

– Macaroon

Mac’s Greenberry Juice is a mix of strawberries, pineapples, cucumber, kale, mint and parsley! Blended up in the Vita-Mix


One Reply to “Juice Boot Shuffle!”

  1. I hear you on how easy it is to be a junk food vegan. I did a couple of juice fasts (1 week and then 2 weeks) to reset my taste buds and it worked like a charm. 'Course now that my system is so clean, I'm working with figuring numerous food allergies, some already suspected and some totally out of the blue. It's almost enough to make a girl want to just live on juice forever!Good luck with your fast and enjoy the juice.

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