What’s been going on with The Food Duo? A LOT and almost nothing food related! Here’s a quick recap of our last 60 days:

  • Ongoing grad student shenanigans for both of us
  • Work, work, work!
  • Je suis la presidente de notre co-op
  • Foodie trips to Blossom Bakery and Sacred Chow 
  • Artichoke rocked a Marc Jacobs’ shopping bag on Bleeker St.! 
  • Home renovations abound – Phase 1: New furniture and closet clean-outs
  • Parents still trying to understand veganism and still scared to try some meat alternatives
  • A few appreciation for lunch has been uncovered
  • New cookbooks added to the collection, but not yet read
  • Mozzer and Connie still rule the roost!
So, we’ve been pretty busy. But this summer, we got some plans to fit the blog in between our summer classes and our jobs. We are posting photos and links on Facebook and Twitter from time to time, and will do our best to share goodies here.
Miss you guys!

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