SoL Cuisine: Bringing Sunshine into Our Tummies!

Being the delayed food bloggers we have been as of late, we have another great product review to share with you. We were recently introduced to a wonderful product meat alternative line called SoL Cuisine. With a variety of options, SoL Cuisine offers burgers, veggie crumbles, sausage patties and even ribs! You can find in your local Whole Foods Market. If you’re in the NY/NJ area, they’re also now available at Fairway!

Since we first tried their Veggie Crumbles, we’ve been hooked. In fact, we’ve made a few dishes with them, like a 3-bean chili (see photo below) and pasta bolognese. Mac is looking forward to using it in some vegan cincinnati chili over spaghetti squash soon. We’ve served the Veggie Breakfast Patties as sausage with pancakes, in breakfast sandwiches and even in a cool whip-up Mac created with Food for Lovers Queso on Wasa Light Rye Crisps. The Tofu Ribs are delicious just as they are with sides of rice and asparagus. And our most recent try was the Almond Grain Burgers, which we ate up so quickly (that good!) that we didn’t get a chance to take a photo (next time!). We’ll be having the Spicy Black Bean Burgers this coming week!

The prices per item are pretty much on bar with similar products in the freezer section of your local supermarket. In fact, we consider the prices to be pretty reasonable for the amount you get per box (between $3.29-$4.99 in our area). A single serving is actually pretty filling and is often good enough for 3-4 people, or seconds or thirds for 1-2 people (again, they are that good!)

So, if you couldn’t tell, we’re now fans of SoL Cuisine. If you’d like more information on the company or their products, please check out their website.

Veggie Crumbles in 3-Bean Chili:

Veggie Breakfast Patties on crisps with queso:

Tofu Ribs! YUM!


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