Food for Lovers Queso Was Made for Us! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

First things first. a big thanks to Vegan Bodego for introducing us to Food for Lovers Queso! O-M-G! Every single time we buy a jar, it’s gone…lickety-split.
Being vegan, you get exposed to a new host of great food and products. So when people ask us crazy things like “Don’t you miss (fill in the blank with animal/animal product),” we get a kick out of it and the reaction when we say “No.” You learn more about the foods you eat and find some great combinations that you’d never thought you’d try and actually like. You also can find great alternatives to traditional treats and some traditional store-shelf goods are actually vegan themselves.
Now back to the Queso and why this stuff is awesome. Nachos with queso is one of the bestest things ever! Mac’s tried making vegan queso in the past using spicy vegan cheese with salsa, but it never came out how she liked it. Now, finding Queso, not only is it delicious but Mac doesn’t have to have that sad face when her recipe attempt doesn’t work out as she likes.
Food for Lovers Queso tastes like the “real” stuff. Our omnivore peeps think it is the “real” stuff. It’s that darn good. There’s a nice amount of heat, sweet and cheesy goodness. Perfect for nachos, salads, veggie dogs and burgers, honestly, we would put it on everything, if Mac didn’t have some level of restraint. It’s way better than that cheese food and watery average-shelf salsa mix you see in commercials. 
Now writing this, the craving for nachos is kicking up. So we’re going to end this post before we start eating it right out of the jar with a spoon!
For more info on Food for Lovers and their Queso, check out


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