It’s been a while… & Introducing Sacha Vida

We know! We know! We know! We’ve neglected our lovely blog for about 2 months. Bad Mac and Artie, right? But you know how it goes when “real life” (whatever that means) gets in the way. Armed with new jobs and Artie now also in school (2 working Grad students + 2 cats = Crazy Times) So we’re back…with a vengeance? 🙂 

Thanks for the great gift bag, Sacha Vida! 

Anyway, we’ve been meaning to share a great product with you called Sacha Vida! Having been introduced to these guys at the NYC Green Holiday Festival back in December (they also hooked us up with tix to the event – THANKS AGAIN!), we were intrigued by these special seeds from the Peruvian Amazon called sacha inchi. We learned a thing or two about these seeds, which look like mega-sized coffee beans, that impressed us: 
  1. They’re high in digestive proteins and fatty acids like Omega 3
  2. They’re natural antioxidants (Great source for Vitamins A and E)
  3. They’re chock full of fiber and mineral
  4. They have a unique but darn good earthy flavor
  5. There are a lot of healthy benefits including boosting brain activity and can help to regular blood sugars
  6. They’re VEGAN…duh!
  7. They make chocolate-covered sacha inchi seeds that Mac LOVES!
Having sampled the oil, we have to say that it would be great to use in a salad dressing or any dish, replacing walnut oil or even olive oil. It’s not too strong, but really unique. We both really enjoyed it and should probably get some oil soon!
Now, knowing a couple of our artisan friends, we have to wonder can this be used to make soaps or to use as a conditioner, like olive oil. Hmm, that should be interesting.
If you want more info on Sacha Vida, check out their website at The site has a lot of great info on the sachi inchi seeds and their products. 

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