Kur Delights "Delight" The Food Duo

Nom nom nom…goodness!

One of the things we love most about going to vegan/vegetarian events is discovering products that we’re unfamiliar with. While taking in the vibrant atmosphere of the Green Holiday Festival in NYC in December, we came across a table for a product called Kur Organic Superfoods. Kur, which in Danish means “to restore to the natural or proper condition,“ is a Copenhagen-based company that sells organic, gluten-free vegan chocolate snacks that are healthier than many.

Since the Food Duo are not folks who shy away from accepting swag, we took samples of all three flavors (Brownie, Coconut Cream and Dark Chocolate Mint) and plopped into our goody bag with the enthusiasm of treat-or-treaters! We found Kur products to be tasty, moist and not overly sweet. I really liked Coconut Cream for it was a nice balance between the chocolate and coconut flavor in a little bite. Mac, the chocolate fiend, enjoyed all 3 and in a rare moment didn’t feel guilty about indulging in them. However, if she had to pick one,  it would be the Dark Chocolate Mint, as she loves that flavor combo.

Bottom line: We’d totally recommend them as an addition to your snack drawer…or closet.

To learn more and to buy Kur Delights and Kur Organic Superfoods, visit http://www.kurfood.com/


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